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The Only Way to Come Up With Ideas (Tonnes of Them)

Without forcing yourself to brainstorm ideas every day

Back in 3rd grade, we had a drawing competition.

Here is (something similar to) what I drew:


Pictured: Not my drawing. Mine was worse.

Actually, this is gold standard compared to my drawing.

I didn't win. Apparently, it was because my drawing was unimaginative.

I can understand where they were coming from.

However, 3rd-grade mini-me took that to heart and as a result I grew up believing that I was an uncreative person.

The kind of left-brained person who was only good at being analytical and logical. Not a creative "idea person".

I was so wrong though!

I thought and thought and thought about it.

I kept wondering what was the difference between me and other creative people who I knew.

Why couldn't I come up with ideas like they could?

Were they just naturally born idea machines?

Was it just not meant to be...?


Pictured: Me thinking.

Me. Thinking.

Then, one day (while doing the dishes), it came to me.

I did come up with ideas! Just not when I wanted to!

The difference between me and the "creative" people was that they curated their ideas.

When they got ideas, instead of getting excited about them for five minutes and then forgetting about them, they noted them down.

For later.

When they actually needed them.

I mean think about it - how many times have you come up with a potential app idea while hanging out with your buddies?

Or a way to resolve a seemingly unresolvable issue while buying groceries (or doing something else totally unrelated)?


We all come up with ideas. All the time. Except for when we consciously try to come up with them.  [Tweet this]

And that is what makes it essential to capitalise on the times when the light bulb does go on!


Brain in light bulb

Uh.. metaphorically speaking.

Because even though ideas are worthless without execution, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

One idea could change your life or lead you on a life-changing journey as it happened for John from Simple Programmer - when he got the idea to start his own blog.

The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.  [Tweet this]

So, in order to have an endless stream of ideas - app ideas, blog post ideas, good ideas, bad ideas, any type of ideas - we need to put in place a system that ensures we are never more than a couple of taps away from capturing our million dollar idea.

Think about it.

If you don't go for a run normally, when do you MOST feel like going for a run?

When you get new running shoes! That's when!

In that same way, having a system that enables you to collect your ideas as soon as they pop up in your head will encourage you to come up with more and more ideas.

Subconsciously having the assurance that when (not if) you do come up with an awesome idea, it won't get lost in the jungle of your thoughts and will be easily accessible is at the centre of this whole behavior.

A little about me..

Yo! My name is Hitarth and I am a software engineer with a real lazy streak.

This is why I regularly experiment with and break down productivity hacks of the super successful.

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  • and doing any other things that we want to (not have to) do

All the while still making progress towards our life goals.

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